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Flower Jewleary With Rose ,Seventi & Gypso

Original price was: ₹4,000.00.Current price is: ₹2,499.00.

Flower jewelry with a combination of roses, Shevanti (Chrysanthemums), and Gypsophila can result in a stunning and multi-dimensional accessory. Here’s a guide on how to craft such jewelry

Materials Needed:

  • Fresh roses, Shevanti, and Gypsophila
  • Thin floral wire or a sturdy thread
  • Scissors for trimming and handling the flowers and wire
  • Steps to Make Floral Necklace/Choker:
    1. Prepare the Flowers: Trim the roses, Shevanti, and Gypsophila to the desired size, ensuring they are fresh and clean.
    2. Assemble the Design: Use a thin floral wire or sturdy thread. Thread a rose, followed by a Shevanti, and some Gypsophila. Alternate between the flowers to create a necklace or choker design.
    3. Form the Necklace: Construct the necklace by creating a loop with the wired flowers, ensuring it’s of the desired length. Secure the ends by tying them securely.

Be gentle when handling the flowers to prevent damage and maintain their beauty. Crafting the jewelry closer to the event will help keep the flowers fresh and vibrant. Flower jewelry with roses, Shevanti, and Gypsophila can add a diverse and captivating touch to your ensemble for special occasions.




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